Steve Aoki Stopped His DJ Set To Pump NFTs, And No One Gave A Sh*t

Steve Aoki’s really into Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). This trend is growing quite common among recognizable pop-culture names (Reese Witherspoon, Nas, Eminem, and Melania Trump among them), even as many people roll their eyes at the thought of people who dump too much money into something that doesn’t tangibly exist, but hey, if that’s where people wanna spend cash, so be it.

Aoki’s so into this game that he launched an NFT marketplace with comic book creator and legend Todd McFarlane, who’s offering up his own NFTs on the platform. To that end, Aoki decided to stop a recent DJ set to show off one of his own NFTs, which was a crudely drawn “doodle.” Then (to people who were there for the music) he even tweeted a clip (of this cringeworthy moment) with this caption: “Had to stop my show to celebrate my excitement on my doodle! Nfts make me feel like a kid again.”

Although Aoki proudly tweeted the video clip of him shoving his phone into the audience’s view, it’s clear that no one else in the room shared his excitement. In fact, no one really cared at all. It’s actually quite zen to see people not getting worked up about NFTs. Humans do enjoy experiences, after all, not imaginary things that people apparently put on sale for hundreds of thousands of hard-earned dollars.

As one might expect, Aoki’s getting roasted for this spectacle. People simply wanted to go outside and enjoy themselves after being pandemic-stuck-at-home for so long, and well, they probably should have stayed at home even longer. (Risking Omicron for an NFT solicitation doesn’t sound too fun.)

Yes, this is probably going to be on a future South Park episode.