Todd McFarlane And Steve Aoki Are Launching An NFT Marketplace

Whether or not we like or even fully understand the point of them, NFTs seem here to stay, and there are no shortage of big name artists, musicians, and filmmakers clamoring to create and sell their own. Following Jay-Z, Eminem, ASAP Rocky, Doja Cat, SZA, The Weeknd, and even Gorillaz all getting involved and finding success in the digital art world, Steve Aoki is also getting involved in the industry via a powerhouse partnership with comic book legend and Spawn creator Todd McFarlane. Together, the pair are creating OddKey, a creator-focused NFT marketplace that puts “artists in control of their digital work and allow fans to resell NFTs for little cost,” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

While the financial terms for artists selling on the platform have yet to be revealed, McFarlane compared the new venture to Image Comics, the creator-friendly publisher he co-founded back in 1992 in which writers and artists retained the rights and the majority of the profits to all their creations. According to McFarlane, he and Aoki simply don’t want to “control or own anything,” and are instead focusing on putting creators in charge of their own work and profits.

“You could say it’s the Image Comics model all over again except for NFTs,” McFarlane said. “We don’t want to control or own anything.”

McFarlane also stated he will be using the marketplace to sell his own original works as well, which may come as quite the shock to comic book fans considering the creator has always been reluctant to auction off his own works despite his Amazing Spider-Man No. 328 cover selling for $657,250 in 2012. In addition to McFarlane, Aoki will also be offering original NFT using “his visual and music skills.” Both McFarlane and Aoki have assured potential users that all artists using the platform will receive the same terms as them, ensuring financial equality for all OddKey creators.

“We are taking the same concept, the same dynamic, the same program that works for artists, creators and bringing it to this new stage where it’s the exciting wild, wild west of, ‘What is the future?,’” said Aoki. “We can dictate that.”

OddKey comes via Aoki Industries, and will be powered by Metaplex using Solana blockchain. For those interested in signing up, you might want to do so now — for a limited-time only, OddKey is raffling off 6,666 free NFTs of an image called “SPAWNOKI,” an amalgam of Spawn and Aoki, for those who sign up.