‘The View’ Ruthlessly Trolled Donald Trump’s $83 Million Verdict By Walking Onstage To ‘The Apprentice’ Theme Song

The ladies of The View wasted no time roasting Donald Trump for getting nailed with a $83.3 million verdict thanks to the former president’s refusal to stop defaming E. Jean Carroll.

After being found guilty of sexually assaulting Carroll, Trump continued to insult her on social media and claim he never even met her, which landed him back in court. This time around, the judge ordered the jury to hit Trump with a sizable figure to teach him a lesson, if that’s even possible.

In the meantime, The View co-hosts had a field day with Trump’s massive court bill by walking out to the theme song for The Apprentice, Trump’s old reality TV show. And for added measure, Whoopi Goldberg made sure to clue everyone in on what was happening.

“We just walked out to The O’Jays’ ‘For the Love of Money,’ which is the theme song of ‘The Apprentice,’ Goldberg said via The Wrap. “And that’s connected to the fact that You-Know-Who has to pay money, money money, money! Money! And you know, if he had just shut his mouth, he’d have been dealing with $5 million dollars. But this is what happens when you got a hard head and a soft behind.”

Ana Navarro also made sure to throw some salt in the wound by bringing up Trump’s infamous Access Hollywood tape.

“And you know, he boasted about grabbing women by the hoo-ha,” Navarro said. “Well, the women grabbed back. And E. Jean Carroll grabbed him by the pocket, which is what hurts him the most.”

(Via The Wrap)