Big Baby Donald Trump Is Every Hairdresser’s Nightmare Because He Reportedly Refuses To Sit Still When He’s Getting His Hair Colored

Donald Trump‘s hair functions like a mood ring: it changes colors based on how he’s feeling.

“The hairdressers get mad at him, but can’t show it, as Trump can’t sit still as he needs at least to sit still for at least 30 minutes for [his hair color] to take,” an insider told Page Six after people noticed Trump’s hair looked different than usual during a recent appearance at a Manhattan federal court.

The stylist continued, “Trump’s hair color can vary wildly from dark blonde to light — to bright orange — depending on how long his hairdresser can get him to sit still and let the color do its job.” The former president is “so impatient that he rarely gives the stylist the 30 to 45 minutes… The shorter time he gives them, the more orange his hair gets, as it takes time to get the darker blonde locks he associates with his younger years.”

The 30-45 minutes that Trump is forced to sit still is probably when he does most of his posting on Truth Social.

We further hear that, “The former president hates sitting with the dye on his hair, and is always rushing the hairdresser thus his color can change every few weeks. And it gets lighter every time he washes it.”

Trump cares so much about his ridiculous hair, but it sounds like he treats the people who maintain it like crap. McDonald’s employees know what that’s like.

(Via Page Six)