‘SNL’ Weekend Update Dragged Trump For His $83.3 Million Lawsuit And His Latest Brain Fart: Coining The Term ‘De-Bank’

Donald Trump had a rough one last week. He handily won the New Hampshire primary, but somehow that only made him angrier. There was that second defamation trial involving writer E. Jean Carroll, which ended with him ordered to pay her $83.3 million. If that weren’t bad enough, his mind continued to melt. The former president has been saying saying one inexplicable thing after another, including one brain fart that caught the attention of SNL Weekend Update.

On Saturday’s installment, co-anchor Colin Jost addressed a clip of Trump talking about reining in banks, which would be a genuinely decent thing to do if only he hadn’t worryingly made up a non-existent term.

“But we’re also going to place strong protections to stop banks and regulators from trying to de-bank you,” Trump told a crowd in New Hampshire last week. “They wanna de-bank you and we’re going to de-bank.”

“I don’t know what the hell de-bank means,” Jost cracked, “but he might have to take de-ambulance to see de-doctor.”

Trump spouting made-up terms like “de-bank” is part of a worrying trend — so worrying that his last remaining GOP rival has even pointed it out.

“After the New Hampshire primary, Nikki Haley attacked Donald Trump and called out his ‘senior moments,’” said co-anchor Michael Che. “Which made Trump so angry he almost ripped off the safety rails on his toilet.”

Trump’s lawsuit also came up, with Jost arguing that $83.3 million shouldn’t be a big deal for him. “Trump is a billionaire, so obviously he immediately hit up your grandma for five bucks,” he told the crowd.

Jost also pointed out that that sum shows “how unlikeable he is,” adding for “perspective” that “O.J. Simpson only had to pay $33 million for double murder.”

Interjected Che, “He didn’t even do it.”

You can watch the latest Weekend Update in the video above and below.