Celtics gets older, wiser, older by adding Shaq to the Big Five

08.05.10 7 years ago 74 Comments

Maybe the Celtics and Heat should switch rosters. When you think about it, wouldn’t Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, Jermaine O’Neal and now Shaq be a better fit amongst the old-folks set in Miami? They can bring Mike Finley and ‘Sheed with them and put together the most intimidating shuffleboard squad of all-time … Yes, Shaq is now part of Team Green, signing up for a reported $2.3 million over two years (or $1.4M for one year depending on where you get your information). The first question that comes to mind: Will he start? Jermaine had been penciled into that spot for the time being, and Kendrick Perkins will eventually be healthy, so where does Shaq fit in? Boston reportedly made sure Diesel was cool with coming off the bench before they signed him, but Shaq has never been a backup outside of All-Star Games … Meanwhile, ‘Sheed is being treated like the anti-Brett Favre. Whereas Favre has the Vikings hanging on his every whim and holding his QB spot for whenever he wants it, the Celtics had no parts of waiting for ‘Sheed to make up his mind — they went out and signed/drafted his replacements ASAP. Although it would have been funny to see Ed Werder hovering around Rasheed’s Range Rover peppering him with questions before catching a forearm to the jaw … Is it too late for last-minute Team USA invites? With Brook Lopez pulling out of the World Championship due to a case of mono, Coach K will have to choose his fours and fives from a pool consisting of JaVale McGee, Tyson Chandler, Kevin Love, Jeff Green and Lamar Odom. Are we sure Paul Millsap definitely can’t play? What’s up with Al Jefferson? Somebody convince Chris Bosh that he won’t be putting that much strain on his body this season anyway, and get him to suit up. Or remind Carlos Boozer that this could be his chance to log major minutes on a gold-medal squad … Perhaps it was on purpose, but Kenny Smith started something the other night when he said Kevin Durant is better than D-Wade. One guy who should be in that right-below-Kobe-and-LeBron tier who always seems to get overlooked is Carmelo. Couldn’t you make a case for ‘Melo being the 3rd-best player in the League? … For those of you in the New York area, we’ve got a couple of potential hook-ups for you: First is a 25% discount off tickets for the Team USA vs. France exhibition at MSG during the World Basketball Festival on August 15. Second, we’re looking for Fall interns. If you or anybody you know wants school credit or an opportunity to write and learn the magazine business, let us know … We’re out like young legs …

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