Jerry Stackhouse Puts Richard Jefferson On Blast

03.11.10 8 years ago 38 Comments

To make it to the NBA, you have to have talent. But to play a whole career in the NBA, you have to have a whole lot more than just that. As a 15-year NBA veteran, Jerry Stackhouse knows a thing or two about both. And on his SIRIUS Satellite Radio show, “Stack’s House,” the Bucks swingman decided to drop some veteran knowledge on Richard Jefferson‘s performance in San Antonio. Too bad the Bucks and Spurs already played their two games this year before his arrival in Milwaukee, because I would fly out for this match-up after Stackhouse puts Jefferson on blast.

“I just don’t think he’s as good as everybody talked him up to be, to me,” said Stackhouse. “I mean, I think he has some talent, he’s an athlete but a lot of the best basketball we’ve seen from Richard Jefferson came when he played with Jason Kidd, when he was just pretty much spoon-fed at the basket and was able to run out and just be an athlete. When it comes down to a half-court set and just being able to play half-court basketball I don’t think he’s that special of a player, in my opinion. It’s just one of those things where it’s just not a good fit. It wasn’t a great fit for him in Milwaukee when he was here. He had some big games but really nothing special. He wasn’t a guy that really helped them go to another level as far as wins and losses. And I think they’re finding out in San Antonio that he may not be the right fit for what they want to do. If I know Popovich like I know him I could very easily see him not in a San Antonio uniform next year.”

Wow. These are some strong words if you ask me. Leads me to pose a couple questions?

1. Was Jefferson on good when he played with Kidd?
2. Can Jefferson handle himself in a half-court set?
3. Will he be in a Spurs uniform next year?

What do you think?

Source: TrueHoop

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