Kevin McHale Doesn’t think LeBron’s Riverdancing Would Fly In The ’80s

12.11.09 8 years ago 54 Comments

Kevin McHale

Kevin McHale is old school. He comes from the era when the Bad Boys could be bullies, hand-checking wasn’t invented yet and David Stern wouldn’t throw out a five or six-digit fine every time a little scuffle would arise. After LeBron James started to riverdance on the sidelines during the Cavs blowout against the Bulls last week, Joakim Noah took exception.

While Noah’s stance was limited to just words and a stare down, McHale believes if such a move was done during his time, somebody would’ve been put on their ass. Even if they’re The King.

“If a guy was doing the Riverdance like that, coach would come over and say, ‘Who’s got the fewest amount of fouls of my big fellas?’ ” the ex-Celtic and TNT analyst said recently. “If you raised your hand, he would say, ‘We will let him drive and then we will throw him on the ground.’

“When he is laying there we would say, ‘Do you feel like dancing now?’

“And that pretty much solved the dancing problem.”

You got to love the good old days.

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