Slam Dunks

12.10.07 10 years ago 6 Comments

In today’s Detroit News, Chris McCosky breaks down how Tractor Traylor almost ended up in Cleveland last week and calls out LeBron (sort of), among other things, in his “Slam Dunks” column:

No Tractor in Cleveland

Had the Cavaliers not been able to finally re-sign Anderson Varejao, they were toying with the idea of signing former Michigan man Robert “Tractor” Traylor.

“I worked out Saturday and took a physical,” said Traylor, who hasn’t played in the NBA since 2005. “Once they signed Andy, I knew they were going with their guy. And they should, he’s their guy and he’s the one that helped them to the (Eastern Conference) championship.

“Sure, I’m disappointed. It would’ve been great to come back and play with a good group of guys.”

Traylor instead will play for a team in the Puerto Rican professional league.

LeBron’s hand

I am no doctor, but I am a little shocked that LeBron James has missed five games already with sprained ligaments in his left hand. The reason I am surprised is that the Spurs’ Manu Ginobili had a similar injury on his shooting hand, and he played and scored 37 points against the Mavericks last week.

I make no further judgment on the matter.

Empty feeling

Teams across the league are bemoaning a lag in weekday attendance. As Steve Luhm of the Salt Lake Tribune researched, there were roughly 44,000 unsold tickets for the 12 NBA games played last Monday and Tuesday night — 19,000 on Monday and 25,000 on Tuesday.

There were 6,000 unsold tickets at Philips Arena when the Pistons played there last Tuesday, and about 7,500 unsold tickets at New Orleans Arena for the Pistons’ game Wednesday. This is part of the reason why the NBA has loaded up so many games on the weekends this season.

Not Rocket science

Houston’s Yao Ming had a simple suggestion to every one of his teammates not named Tracy McGrady last week. Both Yao and McGrady have been frustrated at not getting much help from their supporting cast members.

“Come early in the morning before practice,” Yao said. “Maybe stay for a half-hour and take a couple hundred shots, like I do every day.”

Practice? We’re talking about practice? What a concept.

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