A Kid Gets The Beating Of His Life For His Choice In Girlfriend

08.15.08 10 years ago 25 Comments

Aimey was walking in the 2000 block of Fairburn Road when his girlfriend’s brother, mother and the mother’s boyfriend pulled up in a silver Ford Taurus, he reported. The three grabbed him and put him into the car.

The two men dropped off the mother at her home, but before she got out, Aimey said she told the two men: “Take him somewhere and kill him.”

The men put a shirt over Aimey’s head and took him to an unidentified apartment where more men were waiting inside. They tied him to a chair and started out by beating him with a hammer and a 9mm handgun, the victim told police.

Then, Aimey recounted, seven men took turns punching the teen, landing blows to his stomach and face, the report said.

His girlfriend’s brother put a belt around his neck and choked him, and burned him on the arm and back with a cigarette, the victim reported.

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Is it that serious, did he try to get her pregnant or something? I can imagine if I have a daughter I will be strict with who she sees, but damn near killing a boyfriend? As soon as they kidnapped me and I would of said I get your point I’m never seeing this chick again, in fact I will move to another state.

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