Mustard And Future Plot Out A Bank Heist In Their New ‘Interstate 10’ Video

While on their “Legendary Nights” tour with Meek Mill and Megan Thee Stallion, Mustard and Future have released their second music video together in as many months with “Interstate 10,” the fifth track on Mustard’s latest album, Perfect Ten.

The video starts with a flash-forward of cops pursuing Mustard and Future, who are weaving in and out of lanes during a nighttime chase before cutting to the duo in a poolhall, smoking and joking while they plot out a heist. Eventually, the gang straps up with guns and heads out. While in the bank, one security guard is smacked with a chopper, while the other gets sniped at point-blank range. After securing the premises and ordering the banks’ occupants to the ground, Mustard and Future peel off like bandits with bags full of cash. Escaping through the back, the gang pushes a button to blow up the bank when the cops arrive.

Perfect Ten was released in June via Interscope, peaking at No. 8 on the Billboard 200. Currently, Mustard’s supporting Future and Meek Mill on the road as part of the Legendary Nights tour. The trio of rap artists collaborated on loose-single “100 Shooters” in July in anticipation of the aforementioned tour, and hung out with models in the song’s video.