An intro to HitFix’s 2010 TV Shows on the Bubble

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The TV networks have taken a lot of the fun out of the annual TV Show BubbleWatch this year with some surprising and surprisingly early renewals.
NBC renewed “Parks and Recreation,” “Community” and “Parenthood.”
FOX renewed “Fringe.”
The CW renewed nearly everything in its lineup, including potential bubble bait like “Smallville” and “90210.”
ABC renewed “Cougar Town” while it was still in the “Fall Comedy Hit” stage and before it slipped into the “Lead-In Inflated Struggler” stage.
That doesn’t mean, though, that there aren’t mysteries aplenty, fortunately.
Fortunately (or unfortunately), the jury is still out on “Chuck,” which logic (or passionate fandom) dictates ought to be a part of NBC’s lineup at least until the network figures out a way to stop filling weekly time slots with stuff like “SVU” repeats and “Mercy.”
Fortunately (or unfortunately), ABC still has to decide on the fates of “V” and “FlashForward,” which seemed like they were going to be no-brainers after their premieres and have gradually become potential high profile genre albatrosses around the network’s neck.
Despite being TV’s most watched network, CBS has an amazing number of marginal offerings, including a trio of middling comedies and some long-running hit dramas finally showing their age.
And what’s up with The CW not giving “Life Unexpected” a second season already?
I was able to find 24 shows in variable stages of limbo as network upfronts season approaches next month. I’m not going to claim nebulous “unnamed sources” whispering to me about “buzz” and “scuttlebutt.” The gallery is compiled based on ratings information, network circumstances and a mixture of common sense and stubborn opinion. 
I put the gallery in alphabetical order by network and then by show title, because that’s what makes sense to me, but if you want to skip to individual networks:
ABC’s Bubble Shows
CBS’ Bubble Shows
The CW’s Bubble Shows
FOX’s Bubble Shows
NBC’s Bubble Shows
I don’t think I included any shows that have already been renewed, but if I did, just let me know and I’ll fix the gallery.
Also, if I left out any bubble shows that you’re genuinely curious about, let me know and I’ll add a page.

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