Must Watch: Tracy Morgan on his craziest ‘Funeral’ ever

04.14.10 8 years ago


Tracy Morgan may be approaching a cultural tipping point.  The “30 Rock” star is no stranger to the public having been a mainstay on “Saturday Night Live” and his short-lived “The Tracy Morgan Show” over the past decade, but with his recent comedy “Cop Out” and this Friday’s “Death at a Funeral,” the 41-year-old comedian is truly becoming a household name.

What is really driving Morgan’s popularity, however, is his increasingly bizarre and laugh out loud hilarious appearances on numerous talk shows.  From “The Late Show with David Letterman,” where Letterman is so fascinated by Morgan he quizzed “Rock” co-star Tina Fey about him, to his emotional breakdown on NPR’s “Fresh Air” recently, Morgan’s been a one-man YouTube sensation.  This isn’t necessarily anything new, though. Morgan’s infamous appearance on a local Texas TV station in 2007 was a sign his publicist should book him anywhere near a camera after 12 noon.

This past weekend, Morgan hit the LA promo circuit for “Funeral” and Sony Pictures smartly paired him up with co-star Luke Wilson no doubt hoping the calmer veteran actor might lead to more on-topic interviews. No such luck.  This pundit was spared Morgan’s morning slew of hilarious riffs on how he gratifies himself sexually (those female writers greeted with “you’re one hot lady” were not), but one by one journalists would walk out of the taping room almost crying from laughter.  When this pundit entered, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but Wilson made sure Morgan didn’t come down too much from his creative high (although perhaps he was just hoping I wouldn’t get a chance to complain about AT&T’s horrible service in the greater LA area?).

Warning: This interview is not suitable for work and should be treaded carefully with minors.  You can watch it embedded below, or for a larger version click here.

“Death at A Funeral” opens nationwide on Friday.

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