Recap: ‘Battlestar Galactica’ – ‘Islanded in a Stream of Stars’

03.07.09 8 years ago

Sci Fi/Carole Segal

After tonight’s episode there are only two more installments of the great “Battlestar Galactica” left.  Anyone feeling nostalgic?  Any chance we’ll get the thrill of one more Entertainment Weekly cover (or are we doomed to “Twilight” every other week)?  Are we ready to debate who amongst the cast has the best shot at breaking out in the years to come?  No, probably not yet. However, because tonight’s episode featured more dramatic personal moments  amongst the characters (Emmy watcher alert!), this writer’s mind is starting to wander.  

Unlike the past two episodes, there were not that many startling revelations in “Islanded in a Stream of Stars.”  Sure, stuff happened like seeing the Cylon Colony for the first time (basically V’ger without all the fog), but beyond Adama’s pivotal decision at the end of the show (which had been hinted at since at least last season), it was time for some more tender moments between some of our favorite characters.

[Spoilers after the jump]

Roslin and Adama
“I know you love this ship. Probably more than you love me, Bill if you don’t get us off the ship you may loose both of us at the same time. Wont you give us a chance?” – Roslin
Lowdown: Suffering terribly from cancer and jumping back and forth between consciousness and her Opera House dream (it’s baaaaack), Roslin tries to convince Adama that keeping Galactica afloat isn’t the only way the Colonies will survive.
Result: Adama realizes he may not have a choice anymore.

Baltar and Caprica Six

“You haven’t changed Gaius, I have.” – Caprica Six
Lowdown: Baltar offers help to the first Six who seduced him way back when on Caprica.  His true motivations aren’t hard to figure out.
Result:  She pretty much lets him know a reconciliation will never occur. Ouch.

Helo and Athena
“She’s gone. I lost a son. And you’ve lost a daughter, but I can’t condone a suicide mission. Let it go.” – Adama
Lowdown: The couple’s relationship isn’t just shattered because Helo mistakenly made love to Boomer while Athena watched (they really are duplicates!), their daughter has been kidnapped and worse, Athena is experiencing the same Opera dreams that Roslin and Caprica Six are.  Helo emotionally confronts the Admiral about going on a mission to find his daughter and pretty much crosses the line with his superior officer.
Result:  Helo asks for one Raptor to go search for Hera (it’s unclear whether he got it.)

Hera and Boomer

“Don’t worry, we’ll take good care of her.” – Cavil
Lowdown: Completing her mission, Boomer delivers Hera, the wonder child, to Cavil.  However, in between the many jumps to get to the secret location of the Cylon Colony, Boomer projects Hera into her secret home and the two bond (on a related note, Chief was mysteriously missing from the entire episode).
Result: Boomer appears to be having second thoughts about kidnapping Helo and Athena’s child.

Starbuck and Anders
“I know you can hear me Sam. The old me is gone, just like the old you. Just took me awhile to accept it. Which brings me to the large question, why am I here?” – Starbuck
Lowdown: After Baltar reveals Starbuck’s secret about her dead body on earth to the entire ship, she has a tender moment with Apollo who tells her loves her no matter what she is. She puts her own photo on the Galactica’s remembrance wall.
Result: At peace with with whatever she is, Starbuck decides to plug Sam back into the mainframe and see if the “song” that has spurred so many revelations throughout the series can bring him out of his coma.

Adama and Commander Tigh
“The ship never let us down, so we’re gonna send her off in style.” – Adama
Lowdown: It’s taken a long time, but Adama realizes there is no reason to waste their time trying to keep Galactica intact — her time has passed.  Colonel Tigh, on the other hand, needs some convincing.
Result: The two longtime friends take a moment to toast the “grand old lady.”  Yep, she’ll be missed (at least until Universal Pictures decides to reboot the franchise with a whole new cast and story line, not that rumors are floating around or anything).

Here’s a sneak peek at the second to last episode of “Battlestar Galactica,” “Daybreak, Pt. 1,” which hints that not everyone in the cast is going to survive before it’s all over.

What did you think of this episode?  And who do you think is going to get killed off before its all over? Share your thoughts below.

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