Sneak Peek: ‘Tron Legacy’ makes an electric revelation

12.10.09 8 years ago

It’s been a semi-tough year for Walt Disney Studios.  They’ve had big hits such as “The Proposal” and Pixar’s “Up,” but expected blockbusters such as “G-Force,” “Surrogates” and “A Christmas Carol” were anything but.  This led to chairman Dick Cook getting axed and eventually his head of marketing met the same fate.  But while Cook may have leaned a bit to heavily on the Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus’ of the Disney family to keep things afloat (which wasn’t always the smartest strategy), he did put a number of films into production that have a chance of truly breaking out past his departure.  Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland” will be Cook’s first “I told you so” this Spring, but next Christmas he may be wistful over a potential monster debut of “Tron Legacy.”

The long-hoped for sequel to 1982’s groundbreaking “Tron,” the new film finds Jeff Bridges returning as Kevin Flynn and a new generation entering the virtual world he created.  This writer had a chance to visit the set where stars Olivia Wilde (“House”) and Garrett Hedlund (“Four Brothers”) were bringing “Tron Legacy” to life, but that will be a story for another day.  Still, it’s not surprising that with the film’s debut a year away Disney had released a new poster and the first official still of, appropriately, Wilde and Hedlund to strategically wet fans appetites.  You can check them out below.

If you can’t get enough of a “Tron Legacy” fix, take a few minutes and enjoy the conceptual test that sold the movie to Cook and the studio embedded in this page.  You can also view a gallery of the very sweet life size replica of the “Legacy” light cycle that made a surprise appearance at this year’s Comic-Con here.

“Tron Legacy” opens nationwide on Dec. 17, 2010.

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The official teaser poster of 'Tron Legacy

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