‘The Amazing Race’ is finally coming to HD

11.02.10 7 years ago 2 Comments


After seeing its streak of seven consecutive reality competition Emmys come to an end earlier this year, CBS’ “The Amazing Race” will finally do away with one of its major drawbacks.
The elimination of Non-Elimination Legs?
The elimination of the Road-Block penalty for Non-Elimination Legs?
The elimination of spoiled American competitors who go to foreign countries and complain about how dirty things seem?
Of course not!
No, “The Amazing Race” will finally make the long-awaited transition to HD next season, doing away with one of the last remaining standard-definition holdouts. Finally, international locations and watermelon-on-face collisions can be rendered in HD.
The news first broke in The Hollywood Reporter and was quickly confirmed on Twitter by “Amazing Race” executive producer Jonathan Littman.
HitFix asked “Amazing Race” host Phil Keoghan last year about the show’s ongoing refusal to shift to HD.
“I think it should be in hi-def,” Keoghan agreed. “The complication, or one of the challenges that we have is that we do utilize a lot of foreign crews when we’re traveling. It’s very difficult to just turn up in Siberia and say, ‘Oh, let’s call the local guy with the HD camera and he can come down and supplement our shooting.’ It’s a little bit more complicated than, say, facilitating an HD shoot on ‘Survivor,’ where you can fly all of the equipment into one spot and you’ve got all your technical support there, you’ve got a guy who can sit down every night and look after the equipment. We’re moving at breakneck speed, 28 days, flying hundreds-of-thousands of miles, or at least anywhere from 75,000 miles in a given race, so we just don’t have the same luxury of being an ‘Idol’ or ‘Survivor,’ where everything is brought to one place, it’s 69 degrees, where the air-conditioning is perfect. We’re out sweating in Botswana or anywhere else and that’s been a huge part of the challenge. But, I absolutely agree with you. I’d love to see the show in HD. I don’t think there’s a show on TV that lends itself more to HD.” 

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