Watch: Goldfrapp blasts off with video for ‘Rocket’

03.04.10 7 years ago

Mix Steven Spielberg”s classic “Duel” with Robert Palmer”s “Addicted to Love” video, the closing scene of Martin Scorsese”s “After Hours” and some random NASA footage and you’ve got  the video for Goldfrapp”s “Rocket.”

Oh, and, of course, throw in the desert since it is the setting for nearly every video these days whether it be Gorillaz” “Stylo,” Sade”s “Soldier of Love” and Rihanna”s “Hard.”

In the song, Alison Goldfrapp sings “I”ve got a rocket/ you”re going on it/you”re never coming back.” But it”s to such a bouncy beat that it doesn”t seem the least bit menacing.  However, put the girl behind the wheel of an 18-wheeler carrying a rocket as payload, with a dude who has clearly done something to deserve to be wrapped totally in duct tape (yes, we know it”s plaster for “After Hours,” not duct tape, but you get the idea) and the song takes on a much different tone.  She calmly drives to the middle of the desert, where identical looking, scantily clad-women wait, dancing to pass the time.

We won”t give away the ending, but let”s just say she”s not looking to rekindle the relationship for a very long time. See if you can spot Goldfrapp”s partner in the band, Will Gregory, in a cameo. The tune is the first single from the duo”s fifth album, “Head First,” which comes out March 23.


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