Watch: Ke$ha’s new video for ‘Take It Off,’ in which she remains surprisingly clothed

08.05.10 7 years ago 2 Comments

We”ve been traveling so we”re playing catch up, but we couldn”t let a new video from Ke$ha go unnoticed. As “Take It Off” mounts a major assault on the Billboard 100, the video for the tune hits the airwaves.

The Ke$ha that we”ve come to know and tolerate is in full effect. As with every of her party anthems, she”s packing: “Got a water bottle full of whiskey in my handbag,” she sings. Yep, that”s the surprise here: instead of doing her usual Valley Girl talk singing, Ke$ha”s singing here and while her voice is fine, there is absolutely nothing remarkable about her voice at all.

Same, sadly, can be said for the video-at least the first half.  In fairly predictable fashion, Ke$ha and her friends take over a dilapidated motel for a party. There”s nothing much going on, even as Ke$ha-featuring straight hair here-exhorts everyone to “take it off.”

It”s not until the second half, when she and her friends discover the empty pool that seems to have magical powers in that anyone who jumps in is mystically covered in an explosion of color.  It”s not nearly as imaginative as “Your Love is My Drug,” but she”s the special effects at the end almost redeem it.

What do you think of “Take It Off”?

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