Watch: Paramore’s new video for ‘Brick By Boring Brick’

11.23.09 8 years ago
Tim Burton”s “Alice in Wonderland” movie doesn”t open up for a few months, but the Alice story is alive and well-with a twist-in Paramore”s new video for “Brick by Boring Brick,” the new single off its CD, “brand new eyes.”
The gorgeous looking clip, created by legendary video director Meiert Avis and Chris LeDoux (clearly not the late country singer) relies heavily on CGI and picture digitalization and is cast in a beautiful sepia tone.  It opens with a girl “who lives in fairy tales,” on a swing. Instead of angels” wings, she sprouts butterfly wings. Paramore lead singer, Hayley Williams, now with light blonde hair, just like the little girl in the video. We see no other band members, by the way.
The little girl comes across a tea cup-bearing beastie, a Sophia Loren-looking creature holding a box of candy, and a scary hall of mirrors in a castle, all the while, Williams is seemingly undisturbed by the fact that she is singing as a grave digger (who may be a band member, come to think of it)  digs a grave mere inches away. There”s an ending that is a little disturbing, but remember, it”s only make believe. After several viewings, I still have no clue what the song or the video is about, but the clip sure looks great.

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