Watch: Sally Hawkins and Miranda Richardson shine in ‘Made in Dagenham’

11.21.10 7 years ago

Whew, Sally Hawkins isn’t going to be a one movie wonder.  The 2009 Golden Globe winner for her charismatic role in Mike Leigh’s “Happy-Go-Lucky,” Hawkins’ hasn’t been embraced by Hollywood yet, but the Brit is making it increasingly difficult for filmmakers stateside to ignore her.  After two supporting roles in “An Education” and “Never Let Me Go,” Hawkins has returned with another impressive turn in the new drama “Made in Dagenham” and was almost revelatory in the Toronto Film Festival comedy “Submarine” which will be released next year.

Inspired by a 1968 strike in a British Ford car factory by female workers, “Dagenham” finds Hawkins as the unexpected leader of a labor movement her own union can’t control.  Hawkins has been talked of as a potential Academy Award nominee for the role, but considering the highly competitive field this year that might be a little much for Sony Classics to pull off.  Another Golden Globe nomination in the best actress in a comedy or musical is almost a given though.   Hawkins isn’t the only actress who is creating some noise with her work in “Dagenham,” however. Two-time Oscar nominee Miranda Richardson is getting even more buzz for her role as a feisty politician.

As former U.K. Secretary of State Barbara Castle, Richardson gives one of her best and most entertaining performances in years and its hard to argue she doesn’t steal the movie (in fact, she makes you wish the movie were all about Castle).  Unlike Hawkins, though, it would be a big surprise if Richardson doesn’t receive an Oscar nod for her work in the film.  She’s that good.

Check out what both ladies have to say about their work in “Dagenham” in the interview embedded above.

“Made in Dagenham” is now playing in limited release.

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