3-2-07: A Look At Sales, Miss Jones Hates On Beyonce, Chris Brown Sidekick Hacked?

03.02.07 11 years ago 8 Comments

I can’t post soundscan numbers but I can give you a rundown. Akon is killing it with over 1.6 million sold. Jeezy is doing over 850k, and Beyonce is over 2 mil. Ciara is platinum while Mary is almost 3 times plat. Jay-Z is over 1.3 while Nas has slowed down and is under 650k. Game’s last album is over 850k while Diddy is a little over gold.

Miss Jones hates on Beyonce and releases, “Upstage You.” Link

Rumors are saying Chris Brown sidekick was hacked and this site is charging 10 dollars to see some nude pics of him. Link(For Ladies Only)

Saigon Pleads Not Guilty To Harassment Charges. Link

Judge Gives Foxy Brown One More Chance. Link

Rap Criticism Grows in the Hip-Hop Community as More People Tire of Troublesome Images. Link

Video: Beyonce BET 106 & Park Interview. Link

Video: LL Cool J interview. Link

Gilbert Arenas Interview. Link

13 More Fast Food Restaurants Are Shut Down After Rat Video(NY). Link

Just Blaze new youtube video. Link

Chained to the Radiator? It’s for Her Own Good(Black Snake Moan Review) Link

Alicia Keys hits up the John Mayer concert, I see her at a lot of NYC concerts.(More Pics)

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