Joe Budden Disses Drake Again ‘Out Of Love’ On His Latest Track ‘Just Because’

07.23.16 1 year ago 22 Comments

It looks like Drake’s recent jabs at a show in Austin were enough to get Joe Budden back in the booth to take some more shots. He’s a little more subliminal this time around, but the bars are clearly aimed at the 6 God.

I ain’t spoke to Marshall in a while
He said Budden get your stuff together
You busy ruffling feathers
Bound to happen when you’re targeted now
We not enemies, he just gotta bar up now
I’m still on Energy, let’s see if he Charged Up now

Budden admittedly took it light on Drizzy this time around, because as he’s put it multiple times, he just wants Drake to rap.

If that’s what Joey truly wants, good luck. Drake is busy on tour, being a pop star, singing, and using a faux reggae accent. Maybe he will rap, and respond to Budden traditionally, or maybe he’ll deem it not worth his time and just keep it moving. At some point, Joe becomes redundant, and despite his claims that he’s not reaching for relevance or attention, it’ll seem like that’s all he’s doing. But hey, here’s to hoping Drake feels challenged and squares up, lyrically.

And if not? Well, hey, I told you so. Even Joe knew that wasn’t going to happen.

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