Cris Cyborg Calls Ronda Rousey A Sore Loser And A Bad Role Model

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Things in the world of Cris Cyborg don’t tend to change too much. She’s been one of the pound for pound greats of women’s MMA for over five years now. She’s still having a hell of a time dropping down in weight below her regular 14 pound division. And she’s still trying to convince former 145 pound fighter Ronda Rousey to move up at least to 140 pounds and face her.

“Before, Ronda said ‘I’m the world champion, if you want to fight me you have to go to 135.’ But this is off the table.” Cyborg explained to TMZ Sports. “We tried, and too bad, it cannot [be done]. So we said maybe 140. Everybody knows 140 is hard too, but I can make it, [135] is something I just can’t make. Maybe 145, huh? She just has to eat a little bit more.”

UFC president Dana White recently called the Rousey vs. Cyborg fight a dream fight that everyone wants to see, and if that’s not reason enough for Ronda to agree to it, perhaps she’ll do it to finally shut Cyborg up. Because Cris continues to talk some slick trash about Ronda.

“Losing is not the end of the world,” Cyborg said regarding Rousey’s disappearance from the sport since losing to Holly Holm. “Losing is something that’s part of the sport. I think it’s more important that you compete. Of course everybody wants to win, but in fights you lose and you win. But I think she has to come back to show people, show the girls that are fans of hers that, when you lose, you don’t give up.”

“I just think it’s not a good message. When you’re a winner, okay, you’re happy. When you lose and something happens, it’s not a good message for little kids. Nothing’s easy, my life is nothing easy, everybody has a hard life, hard times, everybody wants to give up, but no, this is just to make you strong and get better.”

(via TMZ Sports)

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