Nü Metal Jacket: Revisiting WWF Forceable Entry 12 Years On

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It's been 12 years since the classic (?) WWF Forceable Entry CD. Let's take a walk down Nu Metal memory lane.

Cypress Hill

This Is What Happens When You Play Cypress Hill Through A Squid’s Fin

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This trippy video might be a little old, but it's still an amazing ride through a squid's biology with a Cypress Hill soundtrack.


The Story Of How Cypress Hill Got Banned For Life From ‘SNL’

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People tend to forget that at one time these guys were once the leading purveyors of pot in rap.


And Here’s What A $1,500 Joint Looks Like, Courtesy of B-Real

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Have you ever thought, "Hmm, I wonder what a $1,500 joint looks like.


Cypress Hill Feat. Rusko – “Roll It, Light It”

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Last time Cypress Hill made an appearance on this site, they were rocking out some smooth, Latin-infused flavor with Marc Anthony and Pitbull.


Rockstar Jacked Cypress Hill For GTA San Andreas?

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So get this. Michael "Shagg" Washington of Cypress Hill fame is suing Rockstar Games for $250 Million over wrongful use of his likeness.


“Dr. Hyphenstein” – Review Of B-Real’s Smoke N Mirrors

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West coast Hip-Hop has seemed to pick up it’s pace again in the last year or so with the help of newcomers such Blu, Jay Rock, and Crooked I being extremely viral with their artist marketing.


TSS Presents Smoking Sessions With B-Real

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Words by Khalid Strickland At the crack of noon the other day, I rose out of bed, lit a pre-rolled spliff and set things off with a wake-and-bake session.

Smoke N Mirrors

B-Real – “Don’t Ya Dare Laugh” Video

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Smoke And Mirrors drops February 24th, 2009.

Young B.

Smokin’ Solo…

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Words By K1NG Although I am extremely happy to see Hip-Hop welcome in a plethora of rookies as of late, it's still nice to see the elder statesman of the culture still put out quality music amidst the fickle industry that has forced us to forget about the majority of our legends.

VH 1 Hip Hop Honors

“Tequila Sunrise, Bloodshot Eyes…”

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Written by Chris "Preach" Smith Let's say you were setting out to pull a Quentin Tarantino move.

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