Cypress Hill Has Been Banned From ‘SNL’ For 30 Years, According To Cypress Hill

It takes a lot to get banned from Saturday Night Live. Sinead O’Connor ripped up a photo of the Pope. Kanye West ranted pro-Trump nonsense. Martin Lawrence ranted about feminine hygiene. The Replacements got too drunk. The hardcore band Fear destroyed the stage. Elvis Costello played the wrong song (then later got un-banned, because he’s Elvis Costello).

Cypress Hill also got banned — or so they claim. Their crime? On a 1993 episode alongside host Shannen Doherty, one member of the legendary hip-hop group, DJ Muggs, smoked a joint onstage. According to The Wrap, the group talked about the incident at a TCA panel for the forthcoming doc Cypress Hill: Insane in the Brain.

“I kind of like the fact that we’re banned,” said member Sen Dog. “The whole thing about being banned, it’s punk rock in itself. I would like to leave it like that. If the guys wanted to do it, then that’d be something we could talk about or whatever, but I kind of like that idea of being the outlaws that are not allowed around town.”

B Real, another bandmate, agreed. “I don’t mind the ban aspect of it,” he said, “because, you know, we’re in the company of some greats that have been banned, and that’s OK with us.”

Thing is, they might be banned. An SNL insider told The Wrap that there’s actually no ban on any act, including Cypress Hill (or, for that matter, Kanye).

Still, if Cypress Hill — who, in the ‘90s, became the first hip-hop act sell multi-platinum albums — know what they’ll do if they ever return to 30 Rock.

“We had a plan that we were going to do that would have just blown their goddamn minds if we had done it,” said B Real. “But it turned out the way it turned out. So, if we were to get unbanned and do it again, probably the plan we had set in the first place will initially take off and we’ll get banned again.”

At least they didn’t get banned from The Simpsons.

(Via The Wrap)