The Next Big Thing: Living Room Hillbilly MMA


This video is called "Hilarious Hillbilly Fight Goes The Distance.


The Worst MMA Fight Ever Is Even Worse Than You’re Imagining


If you call something "the worst MMA fight ever," you've got to mean it.


MMA Taunting Fail Compilation

A collection of MMA fighters who acted tough, only to find out their opponents were tougher.


In Celebration Of The Double Knockout


I love sports improbabilities.

west virginia

The Continuing Saga Of Bucky Boyd, America's Worst Fighter


Last month we introduced you to the McDowell County Giant Bucky Boyd, a 7-foot, 400-pound West Virginia toughman with an ill-placed boner, a basic knowledge of video editing and a line delivery that made his rematch with "Tree" a must-see encounter.


Let's Break Down The Pacers-Warriors Fight


In boring NBA news, the Indiana Pacers defeated the Golden State Warriors 108-97 last night, and the most shocking thing about that game should have been that both the Pacers and Warriors are in the thick of the playoff hunt.

west virginia

West Virginia Giant Bucky Boyd Is The New Muhammad Ali


West Virginia fight promoters put on an annual event called the 'Rough N' Rowdy Brawl,' a boxing showdown for amateurs within a 50-mile radius of whichever city hosts the card.


UFC Fighter vs. Eggs (in Slow Motion)

UFC lightweight contender Anthony "Showtime" Pettis takes on a carton of eggs, smashing them to pieces with a series of roundhouse kicks -- in super slo mo.


And Now, For Some Reason, MMA Basketball


Back in November, we introduced you to Beercup, a hybrid of mixed martial arts and soccer that mostly amounted to a bunch of weird dudes who wanted to punch each other using "soccer" as a reason to rent a local gym and throw down.


Guile music makes everything better, but especially face kickings


Here's a guy getting kicked in the face, set to Guile music from Street Fighter.


3 Things You Should Never Do In An MMA Fight


Okay, four things, if you count "don't get a tattoo that says 'RELENTLESS' in a third grader's print going down the back of your arm" as a thing.

#video games

Realistic Fighting Game

What if the fighting games you played as a kid were more like real life.


Supercut: Cinematic Knife Fights

This tribute to cinematic knife fights features classic blade duels from 17 different films.


Never Taunt A Man Who Just Punched You Repeatedly In The Face

Shai Lindsey takes a flurry of punches, smiles and taunts his opponent (Carlo Junio), and then promptly gets knocked out.

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