In Celebration Of The Double Knockout

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03.21.13 5 Comments

double knockout

I love sports improbabilities.

Double knockouts don’t happen very often in mixed martial arts. It just doesn’t make sense. How are two guys going to hit each other with knockout blows at the exact point of intersection necessary to continue forward with deadly force, but still eat a strike and collapse backwards into beautiful failure symmetry? It’s hard enough to get it to happen once. A Polish DKO (I’m calling it that, I don’t care if it’s wrong) happened back in October, and I thought “welp, that’s something I’m not gonna see again for a while.” However, with only 21 days gone by in March, the month has seen two straight-up double knockouts and a third, pictured above, that came so, so close.

Here are all three, in their glory, with a double hat-tip to Cage Potato.


Aaron Britt and Brandon Alexander throw hands at Galaxy Fight Night IV. You see, it’s called “Galaxy Fight Night” because everyone is seeing stars. Please enjoy this and other jokes on my blog.


Jay Jackson and Owen Martin go at it at Steel City MMA. This one’s great because of the delayed reaction, and because stumbling is almost always funny, even when it probably signals brain damage.


Kerwin Sherrill vs. Derek Thompson at Midwest Championship Fighting 6. Watch as a third double knockout in 20 days almost happens, and is then ripped from our clutches by semi-consciousness. Also, watch as a referee decides to let a fight keep going while both dudes are clearly already out of it, because YOLO, or whatever.

And there you have it … a sports improbability that March is glitched into reproducing. Keep ’em coming, March.

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