Kimbo Slice Still Wants To Fight Butterbean Because It’s Better Than Nothing, I Guess

09.13.13 5 years ago 4 Comments

(via Getty Image)

As much as some of us have laughed at the idea of Tito Ortiz and Quentin “Rampage” Jackson headlining Bellator’s debut PPV in November, I think most of us are still going to watch with the expectations that we’re going to get 100% effort from both guys and that may lead to a great fight. But some people might still be on the fence in regard to taking that fight seriously, so allow me to put it into perspective – it could be Kimbo Slice versus Butterbean.

A TMZ camera guy caught up to Slice while he was grabbing some breakfast the other day, and he asked the important questions like, “Yo, I was a college wrestler, what’s up?” and “What are you up to?” and Slice replied that he’s just getting ready to fight in November, and he hopes his opponent is the 47-year old Butterbean.

And as much as I’d like to make fun of this fight, I’m not going to lie – I’d watch it, too.

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