The Next Big Thing: Living Room Hillbilly MMA

This video is called “Hilarious Hillbilly Fight Goes The Distance.” It delivers.

It’s one of those things you have to see before I can tell you about it, so please, watch the best video you’re gonna watch today so we can discuss.



– One of my favorite things about the clip is how the young guy can’t punch. He threatens it, but he’s got no idea how to do it. Watch him when he comes up behind the older guy … he clearly WANTS to sucker punch him and he’s got his fist ready to go, but nothing happens. He ends up going for the knee to the asshole and a choke. That’s the sign of a true hillbilly fighter.

– As Middle Easy points out, how do you have a hillbilly MMA fight in a room filled with that many bottles and not break a single one? Not even the bong that cameos at 1:01.

– Is this better or worse than Tank Abbott’s backyard fight?

– Selected quotes:

“Leave me alone, leave me alone. Leave me alone.”

“I’m gonna knock you out when you’re not looking. AW don’t even try that!”

“No punchin’!”

“I’m gonna f**kin’ kill you now you lil’ f**ker, punch me in my f**kin’ face!”

“I’m f**kin’ 30 years older than you!”


Let’s get these guys onto Bellator ASAP. There’s got to be a viable market for shootfights between people who have no idea how to fight.