Oh, Great, Harvard Is Building A Fleshy Robotic Facehugger

By | 6 Comments

Roboticists have taken a break from building Terminators to construct another nightmare from the '80s instead.


Science Has Made Telepathy Possible Using The Internet

By | 9 Comments

Oh, great. Just what we needed; the Internet is going telepathic.


Whoops: Bartender Sets A Customer’s Face On Fire While Preparing A Flaming Drink

By | 16 Comments

If common sense hasn't already convinced you not to order flaming drinks, maybe this will.

#video games

The City Of Chicago Is Out To Make ‘Watch Dogs’ A Reality

By | 3 Comments

'Watch Dogs' is a fantasy. Except for that whole "entirely networked city" part. Chicago's starting that this year!

uh oh

Oh, This Will End Well: The Government Is Developing Implants To Control Your Emotions

By | 22 Comments

DARPA wants to control your emotions, by cracking open your skull and filling it with electrodes. It can't possibly go wrong!

#X Men: Days of Future Past

Colin Furze Is Back With Wrist-Mounted Flamethrowers Inspired By X-Men’s Pyro

By | 7 Comments

This guy has been building his own versions of X-Men superpowers, and now it's time for Pyro-inspired DIY flamethrowers.


Google Wants To Start Selling You Surveillance Cameras

By | 12 Comments

Google wants to sell you a cloud-based surveillance camera. This can't go horribly wrong at all!

i see this ending in fire

Entelo Diversity Will Try To Institute Affirmative Action In Workplace Using Social Media Data

By | 4 Comments

Entelo Diversity claims it can automate finding those non-white applicants. Yeah. Good luck with that.


CCP Games Hires UFC Fighter Gunnar Nelson To Beat Up Its Employees

By | 3 Comments

CCP Games has an unusual idea of "employee motivation," which involves Gunnar Nelson beating the crap out of you.


SO IT BEGINS: Bonobo Learns How To Build A Fire, Roasts Marshmallows

By | 2 Comments

In this video, Kanzi the bonobo builds a fire and toasts marshmallows at the Iowa Primate Learning Sanctuary. Well, we're boned.


The Juggalos Now Have Their Own Version of Bitcoin, JuggaloCoin

By | 4 Comments

JuggaloCoin: Because poor life decisions can stack infinitely.


The Pentagon Wants Its Creepy Robot Horse To Be Silent And Bulletproof

By | 7 Comments

The Big Dog robot is absolutely terrifying already. And now the government wants to bulletproof the thing!


Right In The Feels: Batman And Captain America Rescued A Cat From A Burning Building

By | 6 Comments

An electrical fire in a house in Milton, West Virginia, was a little less tragic this week when Batman and Captain America rescued a cat.


Facebook Wants $2.5 Million For A 15-Second Video Ad

By | 11 Comments

Facebook is planning to make $2.5 million a pop making you wait to talk to your friends.


The FBI's Crappy Databases Might Be Screwing You Out Of A Job

By | 5 Comments

The FBI's criminal database turns out to be roughly as accurate as flipping a coin. And employers consulted it nearly 17 million times last year.

#video games

Of Course The Oculus Rift Has A Porn Game

By | 5 Comments

'Custom Maid 3D' has added Oculus Rift support, meaning we finally have VR porn. Hooray?


Britain Will Attempt To Control Internet Porn

By | 17 Comments

Britain is going to try its hand at some Internet censorship! You know, like that sterling democracy Iran. Have fun, guys!


'Above The Game': Is Kickstarter Right Not To Remove It?

By | 12 Comments

Above The Game is loathsome and quite possibly illegal. Unfortunately, there's little Kickstarter can do about it.

the dark crystal

Want To Write A ‘Dark Crystal’ Prequel? The Jim Henson Company Is Hiring.

By | 6 Comments

Of course, there are a few strings attached. But hey, you could write a prequel! That's never ended badly!


Facebook Investors Apparently Have No Idea How Facebook Works

By | 8 Comments

Yeah, there's no way that Facebook being owned by people who can't figure out Facebook will end badly. At all.

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