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CCP Games Hires UFC Fighter Gunnar Nelson To Beat Up Its Employees

By | 3 Comments

CCP Games has an unusual idea of "employee motivation," which involves Gunnar Nelson beating the crap out of you.


SO IT BEGINS: Bonobo Learns How To Build A Fire, Roasts Marshmallows


In this video, Kanzi the bonobo builds a fire and toasts marshmallows at the Iowa Primate Learning Sanctuary. Well, we're boned.

i see this ending in fire

The Juggalos Now Have Their Own Version of Bitcoin, JuggaloCoin

By | 4 Comments

JuggaloCoin: Because poor life decisions can stack infinitely.

big dog

The Pentagon Wants Its Creepy Robot Horse To Be Silent And Bulletproof

By | 7 Comments

The Big Dog robot is absolutely terrifying already. And now the government wants to bulletproof the thing!


Right In The Feels: Batman And Captain America Rescued A Cat From A Burning Building

By | 6 Comments

An electrical fire in a house in Milton, West Virginia, was a little less tragic this week when Batman and Captain America rescued a cat.


Facebook Wants $2.5 Million For A 15-Second Video Ad

By | 11 Comments

Facebook is planning to make $2.5 million a pop making you wait to talk to your friends.


The FBI's Crappy Databases Might Be Screwing You Out Of A Job

By | 5 Comments

The FBI's criminal database turns out to be roughly as accurate as flipping a coin. And employers consulted it nearly 17 million times last year.

custom maid 3D

Of Course The Oculus Rift Has A Porn Game

By | 4 Comments

'Custom Maid 3D' has added Oculus Rift support, meaning we finally have VR porn. Hooray?


Britain Will Attempt To Control Internet Porn

By | 17 Comments

Britain is going to try its hand at some Internet censorship! You know, like that sterling democracy Iran. Have fun, guys!


'Above The Game': Is Kickstarter Right Not To Remove It?

By | 12 Comments

Above The Game is loathsome and quite possibly illegal. Unfortunately, there's little Kickstarter can do about it.

cult classics

Want To Write A ‘Dark Crystal’ Prequel? The Jim Henson Company Is Hiring.

By | 6 Comments

Of course, there are a few strings attached. But hey, you could write a prequel! That's never ended badly!

i see this ending in fire

Facebook Investors Apparently Have No Idea How Facebook Works

By | 8 Comments

Yeah, there's no way that Facebook being owned by people who can't figure out Facebook will end badly. At all.


Comcast Is Turning Customer Routers Into Public WiFi Spots

By | 43 Comments

You've got no problem with random Comcast subscribers using your router, right?

BAD IDEAS Launches Hilariously Discriminatory Jobs Site


A website where shallow people can meet equally shallow employers? We're sure that's a great idea, Just perfect.


Electrified Wolverine Claws Will Almost Certainly Not End Badly

By | 3 Comments

These electrified Wolverine claws are probably not something you should try at home. As in ever.

i see this ending in fire

This Homemade Lightsaber Is A Pyromaniac’s Dream

By | 2 Comments

This homemade lightsaber can actually cut things. And set most other things on fire.


The Xbox One Will Have Used Games…But Retailers May Not Sell Them

By | 33 Comments

The Xbox One will apparently have used games. In theory. The way Microsoft has built the system, you simply may not be able to find any.


Amazon Enters The Fan Fiction Business. This Will End In Fire.

By | 5 Comments

In which we rant about writers getting screwed again, this time by Amazon's new Kindle Worlds fan fiction store.


SURPRISE, Snapchat Photos Are Actually Saved To Your Phone

By | 4 Comments

Yes, your Snapchat pictures are recoverable. No, you can't magically delete your nudes off other people's phones. Welcome to the future!


Here’s A Replica Of Thor’s Hammer That Fires 80,000 Volts


This is a prop version of Thor's hammer; it won't hurt when it hits you, but touch the top and you might be in for a shock.

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