Twitter Attempted To Describe The Trump Administration With GIFs And Everything’s On Fire

It’s been an eventful week — or even an eventful 48 hours — for Donald Trump and his entire administration. His spilling of code word level classified information to Russia has endangered a spy’s life, leaving the internet apoplectic and White House staffers hiding in offices (a better hiding place than “among” the bushes, we suppose). Then a memo emerged which revealed Trump asked the (now former) FBI director James Comey to drop the investigation of Michael Flynn. House Oversight Chair Jason Chaffetz took a break from parroting snooty stereotypes about poor people to demand the FBI turn over documents about Trump and Comey’s meeting, and now some White House staffers reportedly think Trump is “completely f*cked.”

And it’s only Wednesday.

Twitter seems to have foreseen the mess, because Matthew A Cherry had already put out a request for his followers to “describe Trump’s White House with a GIF.” The tweet has over 3000 replies, and we’ve collected some of the funniest ones.It started with a return of a GIF popular during the now-seemingly-halcyon Thanks Obama era.

And some of the GIFs seemed to have been made for just this moment:

And plenty of people thought the occasion called for hot fire:

And the roasting continued:

And perhaps the most accurate one of all…