5 NBA Players Who Could Use A Little More Tony Allen In Them

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If there was one player I wished I had been more like growing up, it's Tony Allen.

Wilson Chandler

Dime’s 2011 NBA Free Agent Tracker

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Whereas last summer reshaped the NBA and as a byproduct of that, helped usher in the extended lockout, the upcoming abbreviated free agency period won't include a single franchise player.


A Dime Q&A With Lamont Peterson: The Man Who Made Tyreke Evans


When I first met Tyreke Evans five years ago, I came away unsure that the 6-foot-6 high school sophomore could dunk.


Daily Fantasy Diagnosis: 12.27

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Beast of the Night: Stephen Curry followed up his forgettable opening night with 21 points, seven rebounds, 10 assists, six steals and a three-pointer. He shot 58 percent (7-12) from the field, 86 percent (6-7) from the free throw line and had four turnovers.


The Kings Crown Themselves Against The Lakers; Dallas Gets Embarrassed Again

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Lamar Odom, Dwight Howard and Chris Paul aren't walking through that door.


The NBA’s Top 5 Up-And-Coming Backcourts

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In the last decade, the NBA has transformed from being a big man's league into a guard's league.


Fantasy Basketball: Suspensions & Injuries To Start The Season

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The lockout is just a memory, the NBA is days away from its glorious Christmas Day return, and fantasy basketball preparations are in full swing.

#Chris Paul

Chris Paul To The Lakers Trade Talks Are Back On; Vince Carter Close To Signing With Dallas

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Of all five teams that the New Orleans fiasco sort of screwed over this week (Los Angeles, New Orleans, Houston, the Knicks and Boston), it's the Lakers who are probably hurting the most to get these talks kick-started and moving again.


NBA Fantasy Team Analysis: The Sacramento Kings

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The Sacramento Kings have sky-high potential when it comes to fantasy appeal.


The Lakers Go Matrix On Us; Blake Griffin Ends In Style; And Call Chicago The Best In The NBA

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It's a wonderful thing when there is one meaningful game that affects the playoff picture on the season's final night.


Daily Fantasy Diagnosis: 3.31

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Beast of the Night: LeBron James put up 35 points, eight rebounds, eight assists and five steals last night. He hit 75 percent (12-16) of his shots from the field, 77 percent (10-13) of his attempts from the free-throw line, hit a three-pointer and had five turnovers.


Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant Crack Portland; The Heat Put Up Historic Buckets

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What a game in Oklahoma City last night between the Thunder and the Blazers.


Daily Fantasy Diagnosis: 3.22

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Beast of the Night: Dwight Howard posted 28 points, 18 rebounds, four assists, four steals and four blocks last night. He shot 82 percent (9-11) from the field, 83 percent (10-12) from the free-throw line and had four turnovers.

#Chris Paul

Daily Fantasy Diagnosis: 3.15

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Beast of the Night: Marcus Thornton scored a career-high 42 points to go along with three rebounds, one assist, four steals and four three-pointers made. He shot 65 percent (13-20) from the field, 86 percent (12-14) from the free-throw line and had no turnovers.


The Heat Crack the NBA’s Best Team; the Warriors Learn that Karma is a B**ch

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When Miami plays like they did last night against the Spurs, you can see why people get all fired up and revert back to the hyperbole they used when they would talk about the Miami in the offseason.

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