The 10 Best Dunks In The NBA Last Week

02.24.14 5 years ago
It seems as if the All-Star Game only inspired players to throw down dunks that were far more vicious and creative than anything we saw in the first half of the season. Right out of the gate after the All-Star break, observers have been subject to some of the league’s best posters and alley-oops, whether they’re done by two players or only one, to start off the second half of the season.

Leading the way this week are a pair of posters and a pair of alley-oops that rank among the best we’ve seen this year.

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10. Dwight Howard dunks on Jermaine O’Neal
The Houston Rockets may have ended up falling to the Golden State Warriors on account of Jermaine O’Neal, but Dwight Howard wasn’t about to allow the best center of yesteryear punk him.

So, naturally, Howard had to assert his authority as one of the league’s premier centers with a slam over the top of the former Indiana Pacer and current success story of Golden State’s.

9. Andre Drummond makes Elton Brand take a seat
This sort of elderly abuse should not be legal, even within the confines of an NBA stadium. Then again, Elton Brand sort of had it coming when he thought himself a youngster trying to keep up with the freakishly athletic Andre Drummond, who is nearly 15 years younger than the defender he dunks on here.

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