10 Features We Would Have Loved in NBA 2K13

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The NBA 2K franchise has been the perfect supplement to the basketball fandom experience for many people for quite some time now. It’s not always perfect, but we love it nonetheless. It amps us up to see the new crop of rookies and gives us the first shot at dominating with Dwight in a Lakers uniform. This year’s edition, NBA 2K13, looks to be one of the best editions yet. Building on the success of their MyPlayer game mode with a new MyCareer mode, introducing an Ultimate Team style MyTeam mode, and continuing to incorporate basketball legends into this year’s game, is 2K poised to dominate yet another year of sports video gaming. That being said, there are always some things we’d all love to see make it into the game. Some are realistic and some are absurd. Unfortunately, none on this list are in the game. Maybe next year…

1. Technicals and flagrant fouls:
They’re a big part of the real-life game and extremely entertaining, but they’ll never find their way into an edition of NBA 2K. If it were possible, though, this would be the year to do it. It would be simple to implement, have it based on context, with instances like fast breaks and charges/blocks giving the best chance to trigger them. They would also give a more defined use for the emotion rating that doesn’t really seem to affect much right now.

It would be completely and thoroughly abused, of course, but that’s exactly why it would be great. The possibilities are endless and I know that I personally would play it for at least a few months more just to jaw at refs and pants Paul Pierce whenever I felt like it.

2. Agents Mode and Agents for MyPlayer:
The first part of this is probably less feasible than the second, but it would be a great addition to 2k’s game modes. It would function a lot like MyPlayer already does, except you would be in control of multiple players (whoever you managed to sign) and your performance with them in key games over the course of the year would define the success of their, and therefore your, careers. The contract negotiating and player signing could work a lot like NCAA Football’s recruiting system and would give the Association gamers out there a completely different way to micromanage.

Adding an agent to the new MyCareer (formerly MyPlayer) mode would be a lot more simple and would go a long ways towards making the whole experience a lot more realistic. Your player already signs contracts, but it would bring negotiating to the table and give more value to the career earnings aspect implemented in last year’s version of the game.