10 NBA New Year’s Resolutions for 2012

We thought we’d mix it up a bit this morning. Instead of your regular dose of SMACK, we decided to bring you our Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for the NBA in 2012.

These are just 10 of ours – add yours in the comments section below and we’ll post the best. Happy New Year to all of our Dime readers …

10. John Wall will take control of the Wizards – Outside of Kevin Durant, no NBA player was more of a presence on the summer basketball circuit. Wall obsessively sought out elite competition for months on end in an effort to make himself a better player. Now he needs to translate that type of drive and determination to the assembled knuckleheads and young guns in Washington.

With players like Andray Blatche, JaVale McGee and Jordan Crawford in the mix, the Wizards have talent. Now they need a leader. And Wall has to be that guy.

9. Mo Williams will sacrifice in Los Angeles – As a fan, it’s easy to sit back and say that Mo Williams should be happy coming off the bench behind Chris Paul and Chauncey Billups. But for a former NBA All-Star like Williams (2009) and the ego that naturally comes with it, it’s easier said than done. But that is exactly what the Clippers need him to do. Mo is a pro, and so far, it’s been all good. But you never know what will happen if the teams slumps.

8. Kyrie Iriving and Tristan Thompson will save Cleveland – The Cavs and the city of Cleveland have been wallowing in self-pity that has eventually given way to unbridled anger over all things LeBron James. Better days are right around the corner, and these two rookies are going to lead the way. No one is asking for a championship right away, but two of the top Rookie of the Year candidates need to do their thing to show they way.

7. Gilbert Arenas will do what it takes to find a home – Even with all the injuries and other issues, it seems kind of crazy that Agent Zero is sitting home without a job. This is a guy who averaged more than 17 ppg in Washington before he was traded to Orlando last season. He can still play. He needs to show that he is willing to do what it takes to fit into a team system and help a playoff team win games.

6. NBA Refs will stop calling ridiculous offensive fouls – It’s time. Enough is enough. Quit rewarding the nonsense.

5. Rajon Rondo will find his J – It needs to happen. We (and the Celtics) don’t need him to be Chris Mullin, and they don’t need him to be raining threes or anything, but he needs to keep ’em honest. Positive signs are there: Did you see Christmas Day against the Knicks? There was a stretch when Rondo was knocking down jumpers like it was nothing on his way to putting up 31 points. We know he works his ass off on his shot and now it’s time to reap the benefits. Make just enough of them so defenders can’t sag way off him, so that he can torture teams with his drives into the lane.

4. Steve Nash will finally ask his way out of Phoenix – We know he’s a good dude and he’s the consummate pro, but at some point Steve Nash has to go for his. He has what, maybe two, three years of playing at high level left in him at most? This year’s Suns squad is the worst we’ve seen in a very long time, and with time ticking – quickly – on Steve’s career, this is his last chance to make a push to get himself one last run at a championship.

As for a possible landing place, have you seen who plays point guard for the Los Angeles Lakers?

3. Dwight Howard will make up his mind – Does he want to be traded to the Nets? The Lakers? The Hawks? Does he want to stay in Orlando? No more games. Make it clear what you want and help the Magic make it happen.

2. LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh will stay focused – Last season’s media circus that followed the Miami Heat everywhere is over. It is now time to take care of business. The Miami Heat are the best team in the NBA, and if they stay focused, stay committed, play up to their ability and take care of business, they will most likely win an NBA championship this season.

1. Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook will make up and make it happen – Our No. 1 NBA New Year’s resolution for 2012. The Thunder have sooo much potential, but they can obviously only go as far as these two can take them. That doesn’t happen if they can’t get along. Nothing seems to have changed since last year’s playoff drama and if they don’t fix it soon, one of them (Russ) will be in a different city.

What are your NBA New Year’s Resolutions? Put them below and we’ll run the best ones on the site

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