Watch This 11-Year-Old Girl Slam Dunk On A Nine-Foot Hoop Like It’s No Big Thing

03.10.15 4 years ago

There aren’t many fifth graders like Ashley Watkins. During a game in the East Columbia Youth Basketball League (ECYBL) in South Carolina, the 11-year-old Watkins — who some report is 6-1, while others say 5-11 — threw down a slam on a nine-foot hoop.

Yes, it’s only nine feet, but she’s freakin’ 11. Most 11-year-olds can barely throw it down on a nerf hoop, or the Fisher Price variety.

Plus, Watkins is obviously able to grab the rim on a 10-foot hoop and once she gets a little older, raising the height of the hoop shouldn’t be too much of an obstacle. But none of this speculation matters; she’s not even in middle school yet!

This alternate angle is even more impressive.

(MaxPreps; IG via mirror_me1)

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