The 20 Best College Basketball Crossovers

The crossover is such a beautiful thing, especially on the college level. From the shake to simply breaking down your defender, crossovers on the college level tend to get the whole arena involved with the usual ohhs and ahhs as familiar soundtracks. As the college basketball season approaches, here is a look at the top 20 crossovers over the past years that deserve your attention… while defenders on the opposite end of these crossovers needed the attention of the team trainers.

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20. KEITH APPLINGcrosses up Ryan Evans
Keith Appling knew exactly what he was going to do… only thing was Ryan Evans had no clue Keith Appling was going to shake him out his adidas. Badly.

19. JASON WILLIAMSonly season at Florida vs various opponents (1997-1998)
Played one season at Florida and had tons of crossovers. Jason Williams aka “White Chocolate” was the crossover king of his time and this clip, which shows a bunch of highlights, is proof. Sit back and enjoy.

18. DWAYNE “PEARL” WASHINGTONcrosses DePaul Guard Gene Smith
Dwayne “Pearl” Washington. The Myth. The Man. The Legend. Pearl was known to be one of the greatest players to put on a Syracuse uniform, and was no stranger to the crossover. Pearl showed early signs of the crossover and Gene Smith of Georgetown was introduced to it. Fast-Forward to the 2:11 and 4:29 marks to see the crossover.

17. JONNY FLYNN quick crossover on Anthony Farmer then dunk on Mike Rosario
With one move, Jonny Flynn changed the whole atmosphere of a game. After a quick switch of direction crossover on Anthony Farmer, he gave Mike Rosario a dunk he wasn’t ready for. Watch the clip to see how it went down

16. TREY BURKEcrosses up Dave Sobolewski
The way Dave Sobolewski slid you would have thought he was a maestro on the dance floor. Did somebody say “Electric Slide?” Trey Burke’s ability to stop on a dime and change direction left him helpless and proved.

15. NOLAN SMITHcrosses up Tim Hardaway Jr.
When you see the name Tim Hardaway Jr. what is the one thing comes to mind? Perhaps the son of Mr. Crossover himself, Tim Hardaway, or even the UTEP 2-Step Crossover strikes your attention. Although all these things are great, his son was on the opposite end of one crossover, and let’s just say him and his father’s defenders had something in common.

14. AUSTIN RIVERScrosses up Deshaun Thomas for the bucket
Austin Rivers. Son of Doc Rivers and at the time, Duke basketball’s latest phenom. Austin had his share of moments on the court and Deshaun Thomas had the opportunity to share one with him. Skip to the 2:10 mark and see for yourself.

13. RAY ALLENcrosses Victor Page
Victor Page clearly underestimated Ray Allen by playing him so close. This resulted in a change of direction to the left of the three-point line. Safe to say, Page heard the “Cha-Cha Slide” in the arena, and his favorite part is sliding to the left.

12. SCOOP JARDINE crosses up Sandro Carissimo
Scoop Jardine was handing out crossovers all season and Sandro Carissimo was just another victim.

11. JIMMER FREDETTEcrosses up Mickey McConnell
Who would have thought Jimmer Fredette could handle the rock? Obviously Mickey McConnell didn’t and Jimmer made him an example.

10. LANCE STEPHENSONcrosses up Tu Holloway
Born Ready is what they called Lance Stephenson since he first popped up on the scene in his Lincoln High School days. Since then, Lance has been a one-one-one terror and has been handing out that work — just ask Jamal Crawford what happened at the Rucker. Tu Holloway did not get the memo, but his ankles heard loud and clear.

9. TY LAWSONcrosses up Bo Spencer
Usually when you take the initiative to guard a smaller, quicker guard like Ty Lawson, you have a plan. As you see here, Spencer never had one, and Bo was left in the dust. Fast-forward to the 1:39 mark and see it for yourself.

8. A.J. PRICEmakes Jerel McNeal Fall
The price of fame. Jerel McNeal paid a hefty one when he became the talk for weeks after A.J. Price unleashed a crossover that would make the pioneers of the AND1 mixtape smile. Skip to the :25 mark to see the crossover unfold.

7. GOD SHAMMGOD crosses up Michael Dickerson
Anybody on the planet will tell you one player they would not be particularly be fond of guarding would be God Shammgod. I mean, let’s be serious, he has his own crossover named after him. Michael Dickerson was a brave soul to try but God Shammgod does his signature move and makes it look too easy. Check it at the 1:18 mark.

6. DARYLL “SHOWTIME” HILLcrosses up Dwight Brewington
It’s Showtime! Daryll Hill lived up to the nickname and Dwight Brewington provided the platform for Daryll Hill to do it. Daryll rocked him to sleep and gave the defender a seat. On the floor.

5. IVORY LATTAcrosses up Alana Beard
This list is made up with mostly the best men’s college basketball crossovers, but Ivory Latta’s crossover on Alana Beard is up there with the best of them. With a simple crossover and pull up, Beard had her feet and palm on the floor like she was playing Twister. Did somebody say right hand on green and left leg on red?

4. KENNY ANDERSONcrosses up Bobby Hurley
Kenny Anderson gave Bobby Hurley three moves in one that left Bobby distraught. This crossover is an example of having your defender on a string.

3. ALLEN IVERSONcrosses up Carmelo Travieso for the slam dunk
Since college, Allen Iverson has been crossing up defenders and Carmelo Travieso was just another victim. Iverson used his staple crossover to shake him and attacked the basketball for a thunderous dunk.

2. KEMBA WALKERcrosses Gary McGhee
Arguably the most incredible crossover/ winning shot in the history of college basketball. UConn’s Kemba Walker cemented his legacy with a step back, the winning shot that made the Madison Square Garden floor and Gary McGhee new roommates.

1. RANDOLPH CHILDRESScrosses up Jeff McInnis
This crossover is amazing, but what makes the crossover even more epic is the fact that Jeff McInnis was trying his best to not fall. Sorry homie, Randolph Childress don’t play that. The crossover was inevitable and the future NBA player was made into an example.

What are your favorite college moves of all time?

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