2014 Draft Lottery Good Luck Charms

The NBA draft lottery is happening tonight. After a season in which so many teams figured out a way to lose as many games as possible to position themselves for the draft, tonight we find out who gets rewarded for all the malodorous jockeying for ping pong balls. I’m personally disappointed Nick Gilbert — the prince of the lottery — will not be representing the Cleveland Cavaliers tonight. Per usual, there are lots of other good luck charms for the other teams.

The Milwaukee Bucks have a 25 percent chance at landing the first overall pick tonight. Bucks owner Wes Edens is sending his 18-year-old daughter Mallory Edens to the lottery tonight. Also:


The Philadelphia 76ers have the second best odds at grabbing the first pick, at 19.9 percent, and will be sending a legend to represent them tonight:


This is also the time of year when fans get very superstitious, case in point, this Utah Jazz fan:


The Lakers, who last held a lottery pick in 2005, are sending James Worthy. If that’s not enough, they sent an extra good luck charm with him just in case:


This is an exciting night for teams who are counting on their draft pick to help expedite the rebuilding process. There’s been a lot of talk about the 2014 NBA Draft class, and tonight, we find out just who will be in the best position to grab one of these top prospects.

Who gets the No. 1 pick tonight?

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