Here Are The 2019 NBA All-Star Game Uniforms (UPDATE)


UPDATE: The NBA has officially released its uniforms for the 2019 All-Star Game, and the previous reports about how they would look turned out to be 100 percent correct.


EARLIER: The location of the 2019 NBA All-Star Game may be thousands of miles away from last year’s contest in Los Angeles, but it appears at least one aspect of it will remain relatively the same: the uniforms.

With the game to set to tip-off on February 17 in Charlotte, North Carolina, we got our first at what appears to be the uniforms for the East and West squads via Twitter user @JosmanSuri, who snagged a photo of what he claims to be the 2019 All-Star unis hanging on a rack at a Nike retail shop.

The unis look almost identical to last year’s minimalist black and white versions with a couple of minor tweaks. Though the jerseys sport each player’s team logo on the chest for the second straight year against a black or white backdrop, red, white and blue striping now line the sleeve trim and neckline, while three red stars appear down the jersey’s side panel. The Air Jordan logo will once again appear on the jersey’s right shoulder — which is fitting given it’s being played in Charlotte.

ESPN’s Paul Lukas confirmed that these leaked jerseys resemble a description of them that they were provided by a source, and that the red, white and blue accents are a callback to the uniforms worn during the 1991 All-Star Game, the last time it was hosted in Charlotte.

If the uniforms aren’t doing much for you, hey, at least the All-Star draft is going to be televised this year!