The Three Most Interesting 2020 NBA Draft Prospects At Each Position

07.09.19 1 week ago

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Hey, the draft is already only about 11 months away! Why not take the time to get prepared now with a little primer on who looks like lottery level talents at this stage? While basketball players are no longer locked into one position, we can generally break them down into three categories: Bigs, wings, and guards. As such, we decided to look at the three-best players that fit each of those bills at this early juncture of draft scouting.


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James Wiseman, Memphis, Freshman

The consensus top recruit in the class of 2019 by most outlets, Wiseman absolutely jumps off the page. Standing a good 7’1 and 230 pounds with an alleged 7’6 wingspan, Wiseman has the size and tools of a dominant center. Where things get tricky is on tape. He’s a good shot blocker overall, but really lacks the elite movement skills you’ll find in a player like Jaren Jackson or even Jaxson Hayes. It just takes him a long, long time to get off the floor. He does have pretty good footwork, but it’s hard to see plays like this…

…and imagine him having any switchability in the NBA. Wiseman’s shooting is similarly concerning, as he has good touch, but loads his jumper up like a trebuchet.

This isn’t meant to disparage him as a prospect, since there’s still a lot to like about Wiseman’s size, length, touch, and general productivity, and he should have a very good season at Memphis, where he is Penny Hardaway’s prize recruit. Still, he is hardly a lock to go No. 1 once the 2020 draft rolls around.

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