Here Are The 2024 NBA Draft Lottery Odds

The 2024 NBA Draft doesn’t have nearly the level of excitement around it as last year’s, as the top of the class doesn’t feature any particularly elite prospects on paper — much less a generational one like Victor Wembanyama.

Even without a clear top guy, the race for the top pick was heated in the NBA this season, as a number of teams raced to the bottom in hopes of giving themselves their choice at the top of this year’s Draft. On Sunday afternoon, we will learn exactly what order teams will be picking in, as the Draft Lottery takes place at 3:00 p.m. ET on ABC leading into Game 4 of Knicks-Pacers.

Below you can find the odds for each team to land the first overall pick in June’s Draft.

T1. Detroit Pistons (14.0)
T1. Washington Wizards (14.0)
3. Charlotte Hornets (13.3)
4. Portland Trail Blazers (13.2)
5. San Antonio Spurs (10.5)
6. Toronto Raptors (9.0)*
7. Memphis Grizzlies (7.5)
8. Utah Jazz (6.0)*
9. Brooklyn Nets (4.5)
10. Atlanta Hawks (3.0)
11. Chicago Bulls (2.0)
12. Houston Rockets (1.5)*
13. Sacramento Kings (0.8)
14. Golden State Warriors (0.7)*

Four of the lottery picks could change hands on Sunday afternoon once the lottery numbers are drawn due to traded picks with protections. If the Raptors get jumped by one team and fall to seven or below, their pick conveys to the Spurs. The Warriors will need to leap from 14 into the top-4 or else their pick is headed to Portland. The Rockets likewise need to jump from 12 to the top-4 or their pick will be going to Oklahoma City, who also could pick up Utah’s pick if they fall from eight all the way out of the top 10 (which is highly unlikely).