3 Keys To A Game 6 Heat Victory

06.12.11 8 years ago 4 Comments

I thought LeBron might want to have no regard for human life if he wanted the Miami Heat to win Game 5. He didn’t do that, shooting only two free throws and looking helpless while guarding Jason Terry. Sure, a triple-double is nice, but now the Heat are on the brink of elimination and in search of answers.

Of course I think the Heat would have a much better chance to win if LeBron scored 30 points. Whether he does or not, one thing is clear; Miami’s Big Three aren’t getting enough help from their role players. What’s the solution? The Heat can at least consider the following.

Today, we’re getting a little crazy with the ideas, because it’s (seriously this time) now or never.

Key #1: Stop thinking you’re in OK shape
It’s not true. As much as James keeps saying Miami played well enough to win Game 5 and as much as James tweets that it’s “Now or Never,” it’s starting to appear that the Heat are just playing to the media. I’m starting to believe they’re in a fantasy land where losing won’t really hit them until they lose the Finals altogether. A mentality change is in order.

Body language tells a lot; James and Wade mocking Nowitzki‘s sickness after he had scored 10 points on them in the fourth quarter in Game 4 means they didn’t quite get the message. So after Game 5, their postgame comments didn’t sound as urgent as they should. No, the Heat don’t need to panic with two games at home upcoming, but they sure as hell need to stop acting so cool and calm about the position they’re in.

Key #2: Gulp, play Mike Bibby during crunch time
I can’t believe I’m saying this, but maybe, just maybe, the ol’ fossil will do some good come crunch time, when Miami’s offense has disappeared. Most of the Heat’s offensive troubles stem from the lack of organization, execution and direction.

Trust me, I’m one of the biggest critics of the guy who hasn’t hit an open three-pointer in the last decade. However, I know this: Bibby isn’t afraid of the moment and perhaps the floor general puts Wade and LeBron in the right positions to score. At the very least, he’s not one to make a boneheaded turnover. And maybe he’ll happen to rekindle his old magic.

Key #3: Put LeBron on Dirk
Many of us assumed we’d see James on Dirk Nowitzki, at least in the fourth quarters of games. Instead, he’s been trying, and failing, to hound Terry. Maybe he’s just not fast enough to stay in front of him, maybe he’s too big of a dude to get across screens. Either way, JET has been burning him. Quick fix? Try James on the big German dude.

Nowitzki shouldn’t be able to spin past LeBron as he did Chris Bosh, plus, James has the athleticism and length to challenge the 7-footer’s shots. At this point, it’s worth a shot.

What do you think? Will Miami win Game 6?

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