3 Keys To A Game 6 Mavs Victory

Closing: it’s the most difficult part of any endeavor, whether it’s at the bar, in business or in the NBA Finals. The Mavs have an opportunity to close out the beleaguered Miami Heat in six games if they can take their talents back to South Beach and steal one of the next two games. Of course, it won’t be easy – closing never is – but here are three keys that will help Dallas go home happy tonight.

Key #1: Make LeBron beat you in crunch time
The dude has a total of six points in the four quarter in the last four games! His three-pointers have looked more like Tyson Chandler‘s free-throw attempts and it seems as if LBJ has officially renounced driving to the basket. When he does go to hole, he hasn’t been getting calls. This is not to say the Mavericks should soften up on LeBron defensively, but they should key their defense on stopping Dwyane Wade and living with LeBron’s deep, awkward-looking jump shots.

Key #2: Keep moving the rock
In Game 5, the Mavericks converted on 13-of-19 three-point attempts, many of which were the result of great ball movement. Maybe it’s because the Mavericks have one of the top 5 pure point guards to ever play the game triggering their offense, but when they get the ball moving, it’s a beautiful thing to watch. Surprisingly, it was J-Kidd himself who benefited from a great pass from Jason Terry to hit that dagger three-pointer to go up five.

Key #3: Benchwarmers need to stay ready
I know Jimmy Kimmel and Usher just released this video making fun of those who ride the pine, but bench guys have been key for both teams. Will we maybe even get a Corey Brewer sighting? Dallas’ subs have made quite an impact scoring the ball (Terry and DeShawn Stevenson) but also their bruisers (Ian Mahinmi and “The Custodian” Brian Cardinal) Also, don’t underestimate Cardinal’s ability to step out and hit another three-pointer.

What do you think? Will Dallas win Game 6?

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