A Fan Vowed To Eat An 18-Year-Old Candy Bar If The Cavaliers Win The Title

06.05.15 3 years ago 2 Comments
Mark Price

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The city of Cleveland is long overdue for a championship. When a championship drought surpasses 50 years, even an appearance in the NBA Finals can fail to inspire hope. One Cavaliers fan is challenging the championship despair with a particularly odd challenge. He has vowed to eat a chocolate bar that’s been kept in his freezer for 18 years if the Cavs win the title.

First and foremost, who keeps a chocolate bar for 18 years? That’s a bizarre item to hold onto for such a long period of time. Nevertheless, more athletes should have their own candy bars. I would most certainly eat a Matt Barnes candy bar. Mark Price may have been a few years ahead of his time.

Speaking of Price, he responded to the challenge by encouraging someone to eat an 18-year-old candy bar. Price is still fully committed to his brand after all this time. Respect.

If the Cavaliers do overcome their 1-0 deficit to win the title, the pure ecstasy should be enough to mask the unbearable stomach pain from eating an 18-year-old piece of chocolate.

(Via Timofey Brady, Mashable)

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