A Rose That Grew From Concrete

Derrick Rose is going to win multiple championships. That’s straight from the MVP’s mouth. Doesn’t it really feel as if Rose won the MVP like five years ago? Between the lockout, Capital Punishment and Kevin Durant becoming the story of the summer, D-Rose became lost in the shuffle. He likes it like that though, and will probably remain mute until next season officially starts. But he did give us a taste of the competitiveness that has Chicago looking pretty good for the next decade, telling HoopsHype that he will win multiple titles, and has no doubts about it. It’s likely Rose’s individual game doesn’t have much further to grow (it’s already sprouted pretty high), but it’s the other things that can push Chicago ever closer to a championship: the outside shot, the intangibles, knowing when to go for the kill and giving his teammate’s confidence. Can Chicago do what they did last season – when most figured they overachieved slightly – again? … We have photos from the Love Nightclub afterparty in D.C. on Saturday night. One, James Harden might be closing in on a spot in “Whisker Wars.” Two, Andre Miller was in there holding it down for the ’90s … The Orlando Magic are either feeling quite rosy today, or are trying to convince themselves that an impending hurricane isn’t exactly real. Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer believes Dwight will never leave his town. Dyer says Magic CEO Alex Martins told him there’s a good chance the new CBA will include some type of rule that will allow them to outbid suitors to keep Howard in Disney World. Interesting. But how much will it be? And will it affect him? Besides, we have a feeling if Howard does end up moving on, it’ll be in some type of sign-and-trade that would probably negate this anyways. Howard will get his money either way … Now that Goodman has staked their claim to “best summer league in the country” status, there’s already talk of a rematch. The Drew League definitely wants it. They believe they were screwed down the stretch, when they were never told foul trouble meant nothing. DeMarcus Cousins racked up foul after foul, with the West believing he would eventually foul out, only to find out the two teams were playing by different rules. Anyways, rumors of adding Kobe (and possibly Nick Young) are sprouting. The Goodman Twitter account said: like I said if JESUS CHRIST dont walk in the door we not scared of nobody ..WE DONT CARE WHO PLAY! KOBE AINT JESUS! not scared. No offense Drew, but that’s kinda cheap. Kobe played one game in the Drew League and now they want to add him to the lineup? Not 100 percent cool. Basically every other player in the game either hails from L.A. or the DMV, or they are playing in the leagues on the regular … DeJuan Blair is a rapper. And he just covered Drake‘s “Trust Issues.” Blair’s shot at the song is rather weird – he sounds awkward – but it’s all good. The song is weird as it is so maybe that’s what he was going for … Carmelo Anthony and Chris Bosh will play themselves in an upcoming episode of “Law And Order.” Somehow, everyone will find a way to make fun of Bosh for this too … The USA Men’s World University Games Team beat Germany by three to finish in fifth place at the 2011 World University Games. Trevor Mbakwe (21 points, eight rebounds) led a dominating inside attack … Luke Walton has agreed to a deal to play – err, coach – for Memphis (the college version). Yep, Luke Walton will be coaching until the lockout ends as a college assistant … And a couple of NBAers are bouncing: Reggie Williams is out for $1.5 million (and an opt-out) to the Spanish ACB League with Caja Laboral Vitoria, while Kyle Singler signed (with an opt-out) with the Spanish team, Alicante … We’re out like “Trust Issues”.

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