Aaron Gordon Busted Out A Dunk Contest-Caliber Jam Against The Sixers

All-Star Weekend 2017 is such a highly-anticipated event because everyone wants to see Aaron Gordon and Zach LaVine compete in the Dunk Contest again. Gordon especially seems like he’s getting primed up for this year’s Contest. We’ve already seen Gordon bust out one insane dunk this year, and on Tuesday night, we got the latest example of what Gordon is able to do when he takes off.

Sixers forward Richaun Holmes had the ball on the elbow, but didn’t see Gordon as the Magic’s young skywalker snuck up from behind and forced a steal. No one came close to Gordon as he went the other way, so he decided to put on a show for the fans in Philly, as he broke out a two-handed 360. This is actually kind of similar to this dunk from the 2016 Dunk Contest.

There are a few differences between this one and that one, though. During the Contest, Gordon also brought the ball above his head, but during the game, Gordon added a 360. Oh, and yes, it is important to stress that this happened during a live basketball game and it takes a ton of confidence in your ability as a dunker to bust something like this out.

Here it is in slow motion, because slow motion makes everything more impressive:


Please, Aaron Gordon, compete in the 2017 Dunk Contest. We know you’re undecided, but we all want to see you try to unseat LaVine.

(Via Deadspin)