Aaron Gordon’s Half-Court Swish Jam Is Just As Incredible As Anything He Did In The Dunk Contest

Remember this past season’s All-Star Weekend dunk contest? It was quite possibly the greatest one ever, and a big reason why was Aaron Gordon. His under-both-legs dunk was a Vince Carter-esque moment of redefining what’s possible.

The impact of the evening has waned in public consciousness, like it does every year after the truly defining moments of the NBA Playoffs burn their way into collective memory, but millions of people still know Aaron Gordon’s name based on that magical Saturday night. And he hasn’t gotten any worse at dunking since then.

The above dunk, which Gordon windmills home after swishing a standing half-court shot, really isn’t done justice by the empty practice court setting. It’s more befitting an enraptured All-Star Weekend crowd, which would probably lose its collective mind twice, and in escalating fashion. Something like, “Ohhhh! Oooooh…OOOOHHHHHHHH!!!!” Or, you know, something like that.

Gordon controversially lost to Zach LaVine in last year’s contest, and with any luck, he’ll be back next year to take revenge. We bet that he won’t break this out — half court shots are so high variance that he would never want to lose the crowd by chucking them for five minutes — but the existence of this video proves that he’s far from out of ideas.