Adam Silver Expects NBA Broadcasts To Look More Like Twitch Feeds In The Near Future

09.13.17 2 years ago

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The NBA’s domestic broadcast rights are locked up through 2025 thanks to a monstrous deal with ESPN and Turner that led to skyrocketing salary caps, contracts, and franchise valuations. However, despite the NBA being set financially thanks to that deal and with no changes coming for nearly a decade, commissioner Adam Silver is still thinking about what’s next and how to enhance the product being presented to consumers.

One of the things the league is continuing to look into is streaming games and how to format those broadcasts and try to adapt to the modern consumer. Silver, as much as any commissioner in pro sports, understands that the status quo can’t simply be maintained and expect the same success and growth. The NBA has done a fantastic job in recent years adapting to the social media age, but that is only the beginning.

At a recent talk with Recode, along with Fanatics executive Michael Rubin, Silver was asked about Amazon and Facebook streaming and whether the NBA had plans on tapping into that market. While noting that broadcast rights in the U.S. are locked up, Silver spoke at length and with excitement about what he thinks the possibilities are in the near future — he said three to five years — for how NBA broadcasts can look dramatically different and pointed to Twitch streams as a model (20:55 mark of the below video).

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