Adidas Basketball Glows With The Revolutionary Aurora Borealis Collection

The Aurora Borealis, most commonly known as the Northern Lights, is a natural illumination of the sky provided by the interplay between charged particles flowing from the and the Earth’s magnetosphere. That glowing green, beautifully translucent light can be seen at specific times from Ontario throughout the year, and even residents of the province’s bustling capital are sometimes witness to nature’s most surreal display of radiance.

Come mid-February, though, an entirely different type of shine will loom over Toronto as the NBA heads north for All-Star Weekend. And with inspiration gleaned from the sky’s natural light show, adidas is equipping its basketball superstars with special-release sneakers the likes of which we’ve never seen.

The Aurora Borealis Collection includes the gleaming signature shoes of Damian Lillard and Tracy McGrady, in addition to a player-specific colorway for James Harden – all of which feature adidas’ revolutionary glow-in-the-dark design elements.

The Triple White Collection includes the D Lillard 2 and two separate pairs of T-MAC 3s. Each sneaker is full-on white in the style of Toronto winters until seen in darkness, when luminous blues and greens take over and remind of the Northern Lights that paint the skies of Northern Canada.

Harden will don the Crazylight Boost 2.5 for his third All-Star appearance. Like the kicks of Lillard and McGrady, however, his will shine brighter than those of his peers – even if his long-awaited signature sneaker has yet to debut.

The Beard’s PE features a two-tone upper comprised of teal mesh and reflective Xeno scales that register a vibrant, green-hewed deep purple to the normal eye. And when when hit with a flash, Harden’s shoes glimmer in fantastic colors of of the Northern Lights.

Triple-White Aurora Borealis versions of the D Lillard 2 and T-MAC 3 release on February 11 for $150 each. Harden’s Canadian-sky inspired Crazylight Boost 2.5 PE drops one day later.

Get your hands on these beautiful kicks while you can. Like the Northern Lights themselves, finding them might prove difficult if you wait too long.