Ahmad Rashad Will Hold An ‘NBA Inside Stuff’ Reunion Before The Finale Of ‘The Last Dance’

Ahmad Rashad has popped up a whole lot in The Last Dance. The former Pro Bowl wide receiver-turned-sports broadcaster was a confidant of Michael Jordan’s throughout the Hall of Fame guard’s career, and on multiple occasions, we’ve seen that Rashad is more than just a member of the media in Jordan’s eyes, even riding in his car from his home to the arena and being someone that Jordan could rely on at his father’s funeral.

Rashad’s time covering the NBA occurred, most notably, as the host of NBA Inside Stuff, which gave fans a look into the lives of players. The show still exists on NBA TV, but during Rashad’s tenure, the program aired on NBC and, eventually, ABC.

Ahead of the final episodes of The Last Dance, which air on Sunday evening on ESPN, Rashad will host an Inside Stuff reunion. Details are a bit sparse about what exactly will happen on the reunion, but as Rashad explained, it’ll air at 7 p.m. on the NBA’s Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch accounts.

Rashad had a handful of old hosts on the show, which is now hosted by Grant Hill and Kristen Ledlow, and there’s no word on whether it’ll just be Rashad or if any of Julie Moran, Willow Bay, and Summer Sanders will hop on, too. Hopefully the whole gang shows up, and because it’s Ahmad Rashad, here’s to hoping he’s able to score an MJ cameo, too.

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